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No name kitchen - no border, no nation

Aktualisiert: 6. Dez. 2022

“Everybody shall be free to move seeking a future where hope defeats fear”.

No Name Kitchen is a grassroots independent movement working alongside the Balkans and the Mediterranean routes to support human beings on their right to move seeking a better life. Our teams are based in border-crossing spots of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Greece, Montenegro and Ceuta, where People on the Move face the difficulties of long journeys and violent push-backs.

NNK combines humanitarian and political actions to provide people with means for their self-protection, ensuring they access healthcare, food and clothes, while denouncing the abuses happening in the borders to raise awareness and advocate for a change in policy-making.

Every day, many people flee from armed conflicts, discrimination and poverty looking for a refuge where peace and civil rights are not an uthopia. However, most of them can´t exercise their rights to migrate through safe and legal paths.

NNK has no political ties and all our resources come from individuals who want to build a more inclusive and fair planet.

Do you want to help?

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