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Dogs in refugee shelters in Colombia

At two shelters run by our NGO that house Venezuelan refugees in Colombia, there live 6 dogs. These dogs are the pets of the shelter workers, or dogs that were left behind by refugees and now have their home at the shelters. They are a large source of comfort and companionship for the workers that live at the shelter, and the refugees that spend their nights there.

At the Esperanza Hoy shelter:

-Maileys, a 5 year old mother who needs to be fixed

-Maple, Mailey's 8-week old puppy who has a hernia and needs surgery to remove it when she turns 6 months old. She also needs her standard vaccinations, and to be fixed.

-Copito, Maple's brother, who fortunately at the moment is healthy, but will need vaccinations and to be fixed when he is big enough.

At the La Laguna shelter:

-Pulgas, a young pup left behind by a refugee who is quickly became a part of the shelter family. She has had a dry nose and cough for several weeks, and needs to go to the vet for testing and treatment.

-Chocolata, a lovely young dog full of energy who also still needs vaccines and to be fixed

Please help us raise the money to cover the costs of these amazing doggies' medical care. They are a part of our family, and the love and comfort they provide to those staying at the shelter is invaluable.

Doggy paw high five!

The On the Ground International Team

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